Thursday, July 10, 2014

Giants-A's Series Post -Mortem- #SFGiants Losers In More Ways Than One

Congrats to the Oakland #Athletics on their series victory over #SFGiants

#SFGiants might have lost all four games to A's without Jints' Venezuelan 'drug cartel.'  How is it Pablo rarely strikes out now? (opinion)

#SFGiants may have some of the best announcers but they may be the most sarcastic, constantly  criticizing strike calls that go against Giants and making other negative remarks while playing the 'homer' all the way. In ninth inning of last game of the four against A's,  Dave Flemming making a crack about the umpires 'goofy looking' headphones while awaiting the 'review' of what would become the final out. Speaking of that, John Miller questioned A's manager Bob Melvin for even requesting a review at the late stage with a five run lead. Certainly if the Giants' Bochy made a similar request he wouldn't have been questioned, and Bochy is the king of the'reviews,' seemingly requesting one every game; he wanted to do another in this game but had already used his one alotted request.  Of course we know of Mike Krukow as the ultimate homer and Duane Kuiper only slightly more restrained. Meanwhile A's announcers are the opposite of the Giants'; perhaps too nice as they  were ready to concede the final play to the Giants; you never hear them making fun of other teams.

Quote after the game:
#SFGiants Buster Posey: 'We have to find ways to score more runs than the other team.'

Why #SFGiants Big Drop Off - Past Catching Up?

 Why the Giants Big Drop Off?  Past Catching Up to Them?

 Giants-A's Series Post -Mortem-  #SFGiants Losers In More Ways Than One