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Why Baseball's Tony LaRussa Doesn't Belong- Baseball Hall of Fame- Hall of Fame Voting

 Baseball Tony LaRussa - Baseball Hall of Fame- Hall of Fame Voting -Does Tony Belong?

Why Baseball's  Tony LaRussa  Doesn't Belong- Baseball Hall of Fame

1) LaRussa Looked the Other Way for Decades 

Heard of Bryant Gumbel's comments questioning the inconsistency that allowed Tony LaRussa's recent induction into the Hall of Fame(as manager)  but not Mark McGwire's (as player)  and we  were thinking along those lines, ourselves.  And, it was one thing at Oakland when Jose Conseco , Mark McGwire and steroids were a pretty new thing in baseball in 1988, but by the time LaRussa got to  St. Louis it was pretty well known that McGwire was using Creatine if not other performance enhancing drugs as McGwire joined the team in the mid-90s. It wasn't until McGwire finally admitted he was using that LaRussa made a few light weight comments, hardly condemning McGwire. In fact, LaRussa would invite McGwire back to St. Louis as a hitting coach after his playing days were over. La Russa had at least one other player at St. Louis, too, who had all the indications of a player on steroids. Without those three guys, one could probably subtract at least a few dozen wins and probably a World Series victory or two of three La Russa garnered during his tenure as manager of Oakland and St Louis. Even so, LaRussa had a modest .536 winning percentage which ranks him #62 (See Above Chart)  among all managers win-loss records - and he had good- to- very good teams to manager. Even Don Mattingly, Bob Brenly,  Ken Macha and Herman Franks had better managerial records than LaRussa. 

2) LaRussa Continued to Sanction PED Players Long After He Knew About It, Even Bringing Back McGwire to St.Louis and more

No doubt, Tony La Russa, who has a law degree among other things, would seem to be a fine person albeit a bit of a temper, and has done a lot for the community in and outside of baseball;he started what has become a large-scale  pet animal rescue foundation (ARF).
Yet, for whatever reason, La Russa -who admits it himself - never achieved the greatness many have lauded after him, perhaps mistaking his longevity and  piloting good teams with success.
La Russa will  tell you he takes responsibility for not winning the 1988 and 1990 World Series as skipper of the A's .  For a man of letters, his managerial style was not always empiracle and often more a matter of emotion than science.  While he could be a 'players manager'  he could also attract enemies easily and , perhaps,   thereby  not always getting the most out of players.
Then , there is that other issue of early PEDs in baseball  and his looking the other away, allowing his team to take an unfair advantage. 

3)  LaRussa Record  Had Low Win-Loss Numbers

 The only modern day manager to make the Hall with a worse record than LaRussa was Whitey Herzog (.532) Surely, as a player McGwire may not deserve to go into the Hall of his numbers, nor even Barry Bonds, a mere .275 hitter averaging around 25 homers a year before coming to San Francisco and  it's PED culture.   For longevity, La Russa should get something being the third most tenured manager of all time, 33 years.


The same could be said of a manager like San Francisco Giants manager,Bruce Bochy, who many (especially in San Francisco) expect to  be a likely candidate for the Hall of Fame as manager .  He not only turned a blind eye to a host of PED players such as Ken Camaniti when he was manager at San Diego but when he came to  San Francisco it was even worse, where he he sanctioned Barry Bonds and  friends in the Capital of Sports Steroids. Even with a succession of indicted steroid users in San Diego and San Francisco, Bochy barely has a .500 record(.502)  as manager in both cities (.479 in San Diego and .505 in San Francisco and ranks way down in 144th place behind Bobby Valentine and just ahead of Kirk Gibson .   At least Dusty Baker had the good sense to part ways with Bonds and  San Francisco in 1996 before Bochy came in.  Perhaps someone like Baker would deserve a Hall of Fame spot  for standing his ground while also having a decent record as manager . That Tony La Russa is only the 62 most winning manager and Bruce Bochy #133 of all time, we don't believe that either should get into the managerial Hall of Fame based on their records , alone;add the fact that they were likely knowing and accepting of tainted players who helped their cause makes our decision a 'slam dunk'that  these two should not enter the Hall of Fame at all.


----- -

Combine the three above factors - 1) that LaRussa was aware of PEDs on the teams for decades, 2) that LaRussa didn't take any real action and even rehired at least one known PED user and 3) LaRussa had one  the  second lowest managerial win-lost record of any modern day manager - and LaRussa probably should not have been inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2014 in our opinion. On a positive note, LaRussa isa a good guy, perhaps so much so that he may have let personal feelings and friendships get in the way of right and wrong.


Impressed with Frank Thomas' emotional speech at Sunday's Hall of Fame inductions and his frankness to bring up steroids. Whereas, again, LaRussa had one last major stage to say something but chose to ignore McGwire even though he mentioned many others; perhaps a little late when he SHOULD HAVE ignored McGwire years ago and not brought him with him to St.Louis.  Perhaps LaRussa and the San Francisco Giants are the only ones who have ignored steroids to such an extreme that they would do something like this (the Giants not only resigning the obvious Bonds year after (15) year) but having the gall to bring him back- all be it for a week - to be HITTING instructor for the team in Spring Training this year. )

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Giants-A's Series Post -Mortem- #SFGiants Losers In More Ways Than One

Congrats to the Oakland #Athletics on their series victory over #SFGiants

#SFGiants might have lost all four games to A's without Jints' Venezuelan 'drug cartel.'  How is it Pablo rarely strikes out now? (opinion)

#SFGiants may have some of the best announcers but they may be the most sarcastic, constantly  criticizing strike calls that go against Giants and making other negative remarks while playing the 'homer' all the way. In ninth inning of last game of the four against A's,  Dave Flemming making a crack about the umpires 'goofy looking' headphones while awaiting the 'review' of what would become the final out. Speaking of that, John Miller questioned A's manager Bob Melvin for even requesting a review at the late stage with a five run lead. Certainly if the Giants' Bochy made a similar request he wouldn't have been questioned, and Bochy is the king of the'reviews,' seemingly requesting one every game; he wanted to do another in this game but had already used his one alotted request.  Of course we know of Mike Krukow as the ultimate homer and Duane Kuiper only slightly more restrained. Meanwhile A's announcers are the opposite of the Giants'; perhaps too nice as they  were ready to concede the final play to the Giants; you never hear them making fun of other teams.

Quote after the game:
#SFGiants Buster Posey: 'We have to find ways to score more runs than the other team.'

Why #SFGiants Big Drop Off - Past Catching Up?

 Why the Giants Big Drop Off?  Past Catching Up to Them?

 Giants-A's Series Post -Mortem-  #SFGiants Losers In More Ways Than One

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How Oakland A's Could Benefit from Giants at Box Office


How Oakland A's Could Benefit at the Box Office from Giants' Slump

This week the best team with one of the lower attendances in baseball will square off with the team with the most consecutive sellouts in baseball.  On the field, it will be an exciting match and , in the stands, one team, the Oakland A's,  can benefit by not only winning these games but borrowing some of the other team, the San Francisco Giants' promotional strategies. Winning games could definitely help swing some Giants fans the way of the A's, but in today's competitive marketplace it takes more than that. Gone are the days when critics said two teams cannot survive together in the Bay Area. And, this is perfect timing and opportunity for the A's, sans new ballpark, to do what the Giants  have done to quiet the old naysayers. #Oakland baseball, #Oakland Athletics Schedule,, #marketing manager, #Oakland coliseum seating

So, the Bay Area Had Baseball's Two Teams with best records. Now it's just the Oakland A's
with the best record in baseball as the San Francisco Giants have lost their last 13 of 19
as of July 6. Yet the Giants continue to sell out - at least that's what we're told ; in any case,
they're getting much bigger crowds than the A's, due largely to their newer, top flight stadium / experience.,
which is an attraction to even non-baseball fans. But, that's not the whole story.

The Giants promote, promote, promote and advertise, advertise, advertise - probably at least double that of the  A's .  That could be in part going back to the 'sour grapes' A's ownership laid on the A's fans, as they awaited a move to another city , or, at least a new lease in Oakland and/or plan to build a newstadium there.

Now that the new 10 year Oakland Coliseum lease (which, yes, has an escape clause or two)  has been
confirmed, A's ownership should put behind them past differences knowing they're going to be in Oakland
for, at the very least, two years and probably a lot longer. Now that the A's have shown that they're willing to spend big money on players like Samardzija and Hammels why not start promoting and advertising
ala the Giants? For example, the Giants have at least one promotion for all 81 home games, the A's have
maybe half that. The Giants advertising is much more substantial, too.  And, even with free advertising -
where they couldn't lose - the A's trail the Giants by a longshot (and have a lot less to lose than the
Giants - like empty seats. 

Such free advertising examples where the A's fall short include the Entertainment coupon book and Goldstar discount  tickets. The Giants philosophy has has been to fill up the stadium; the A's-who have a lot more empty stadium to fill up- tend to shy away from such promotions as below:

- Giant's Goldstar promotion -


- Giant's Goldstar promotion -

The Goldstar promo, as above,  was NOT run by the A's , who could use it more, but by the Giants. It could be a bit of an embarassment for the A's if they don't sell out their two home games
of the A's-Giants 4 game series this week.

Now could be a perfect time to swing some tired and souring Giants fans looking for
a fresh, young winning team.
Many Giants fans are  tired of seeing the Giants lose and could be excellent candidates
to at least see the A's play in Oakland for, say, half price. The A's could advertise on the
Giants side of the Bay, on their  stations , etc., just as the Giants have done including
advertising on the A's side of the Bay, including on BART and other heavy-hitting local
media. With this comparable lack of media attention, the A's are still drawing 20,000 fans
per game and could certainly do better with some more promotions and advertising. And,
they could do much of that at little or no cost.

Looking back at the Giants' Bochy Era
- - - - - - - - - -

COMING NEXT: Problem with Giants - Why Their Past Is Catching Up with Them

 #Oakland baseball, #Oakland Athletics Schedule,, #marketing manager, #Oakland coliseum seating

 How Oakland A's Could Benefit at the Box Office from Giants' Slump

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Vogelsong, Sandoval Latest of Unlikely Giants 'Sudden Surgers'



The San Francisco Giants never fail to amaze. Yes, they've got one of the better records in baseball with some of the lowest batting averages. But don't be surprised if it even gets better. 2013, 2013 Giants,   Giants lineup, Pablo, Pablo Sandoval, PEDs, Ryan Vogelsong, San Francisco Giants PEDs, scutaro, Spring Training, steroids, testosterone, 

What was and normally would be a mediocre pitching staff has suddenly  become world beaters. Over -the -hill guys or normally under-achievers are suddenly going into their 'win at all costs' . When the going gets tough the Giants go on drugs. Of course, that's our opinion, but we've seen empiracal stats and have good reason to believe patterns we see before our eyes. Not to say everyone on the Giants is using performance enhancing drugs but, let's face it, Mr Selig, they haven't gone away and the Giants have always been leaders in that field  now going back over a decade when the Brian Sabean and company became imfatuated with Barry Bonds sudden turnaround they haven't looked back at his 'secret*' ever since - and continue to get away with it.  So much so, that they even brought Barry back as a coach in spring training this year - to the dismay of more than a few non-Giant  baseball people like Keith Obermann - to rub off some more on the players just like he did back in the days of Aurillia, Williams, Santiago. Hint, hint. Wink, wink.

Most teams would have long ago dumped an overweight, underachieving Pablo Sandoval or an aging Ryan Vogelsong - a pitcher with a sub-90 fastball they got cheap.  For almost two months Sandoval couldn't buy a homerun or reach the Mendoza line, yet the Giants kept playing him. Hmm. Then, suddenly last week, Sandoval stopped striking out and magically(?) raised his average almost 100 points with three homeruns and it doesn't look like he's going to stop in the near future as he propels the Giants past better teams and towards another World Series(?). Remember when the Giants acquired Marcos Sccutaro midseason, 2012, with a .260 average at Colorado , only to see him magically go on a tear as soon as he joined Cabrera, Sandoval  and company, raising his average almost 100 points while cutting his strikeouts in half. It's de ja vu again with Sandoval... and maybe someone else next week.  Giants Vogelsong got an earlier start this year , dropping his 5.00 ERA to below 2.00  for his last five starts, while, interestingly ,raising his velocity from the high 80s to the low 90s! This for a 37 year old pitcher who hadn't hit the 90s consistently since the end of 2012 and the World Series; when most pitchers were getting weary late in the year, Vogelsong was getting stronger and faster - and this year he's doing it even earlier in the year (see above graph).

You see, telltale signs of  PED usage are sudden drop in strikeouts for hitters and better velocity for pitchers. 
We've seen this many times in the past with the Giants, particularly late in the season when various players would become World Beaters.  In 2010 it was Burrell, Huff and the late season acquistion Cody Ross, who largely propelled the Giants  in October - this unlikely happenstance from over the hill players who remarkably and ,coincidentally,  all had career years in their late thirties. Oh, and don't forget Andre Torres, who also had a career year at 33 , and Jose Guillen, who did just enough damage for the Giants before getting kicked off the team after a second drug infraction (he was caught receiving drugs in the mail) There were others , too , with Guillen and Guillermo Moto actually getting caught and suspended for drug use.
In 2012, Melky Cabrera did enough damage for the Giants before HE got suspended  there wasn't a need for many others, but Marco Scutaro came along out of the blue to, remarkably, raise his .260 average to near .350 , where it stayed the rest of the season. On top of that Scutaro cut his strikeouts down to a miniscule number.  Then, of course, there was Sandoval, at it again with his late season heroics, with his three homer game against Detroit in the playoffs andseven October homers matching his entire year's output.  Interestingly , the three Giant 'heroes'   were all Venezuelan brethren.Even Barry Zito - perhaps the worst free acquisiton ever  in baseball -- somehow managed to become a consistent playoff and World Series winner for two weeks along with Vogelsong and others'  late-season mysterious surge.

So this year, for now anyway, it's Vogelsong and Sandoval.  Forget Scutaro. Hicks at second base  already has more homers than Scutaro ever did (8) and if he doesn't work out somebody else will fill the slack.It always happens for the giants .  These new designer drugs are easy to go and off and, besides, it's probably better for different players to be hot at different times lest it looks suspicious.  But the end of 2010 and 2012 were downright suspicious how the Giants suddenly came on with no name players becoming unlikely stars... Burrell, Huff, Ross, Renteria, Guillen, Uribe, Torrez, Blanco,Arias . Among the pitchers,    'washed up' Santiago Casilla and Tim Lincecum suddenly got their fastballs back for not one but two years.  And they they're still at IT, whatever you want to interpret as 'it.'

Vogelsong, Sandoval Latest of Unlikely Giants 'Sudden Surgers'

Low Strikeouts Can Be Another Indicator of PED Use

        Below is an update from a previous post relating to 'New' drug testing changes in baseball last year, but more importantly,  what's STILL going on  in with PEDs in baseball and why they're still prevalent, despite all the denials and belief by many, including the commissioner of baseball,  that baseball has 'cleaned up'it's act.  As for 2014, the only thing different in the drug tests are new tests for HGH, but nothing to on the most popular culprit the not-so-new anymore, undetectable designer testosterone and other   drug use - only undetectable since MLB has not upgraded to to the test that WILL detect these PEDs, ; baseball has added an additional incident   - now a total maximum of two tests for PEDs are allowed during the season, but, again of little consequence.  



The fact that the tests are usually announced ahead, giving players plenty of time to go off the drug if they're using - and new designer drugs can be out of the system in a matter of hours once a player stops using them -  is why you'll see players such as the San Francisco Giants' PABLO SANDOVAL suddenly going on extreme hitting surges after slumping for months. Once a test is given, a player can assume there won't be another   for some time and can go right back on the drug and we see the cartoonish results, just as we saw back in the playoffs and World Series of 2012 when Sandoval hit 3 homers in one game against Detroit in the playoffs and seven homers in the month of October, matching his homer total for the entire year! 

Some players   don't even bother  to go off the juice at all - and OCCASIONALLY will get caught, such as another Giant's 'star,' Melky Cabrera in 2012. But, by the time he got caught , mid season, he had already propelled the Giants into first place while likely passing on his little 'secret' to other team players, such as countryman MARCO SCUTARO. (Interestingly, Cabrera must be back on the stuff as he's been putting up the big numbers again for Toronto.  The rampant , continued use of PEDs - in our opinion- is not limited to the Giants, though they have been far and away the 'leaders' and instigators for PED use in the big leagues . (The above and below are   opinion of this blog , based on empirical evidence and common sense.)


         When's the last time a major leaguer was suspended? Other than the Biogenesis '21'  - which gave Commissioner a temporary, lucky feather in his PED hat - you have to go back   to 2012 when five major league players were actually caught through MLB testing - folks like the Giants Melky Cabrera of whom Victor Conte   said had to be 'dumb or dumber' to get caught.  The fact that nobody's been caught since then doesn't mean PEDs have been rid from baseball, only that the tests are NOT working, again, in our opinion. 

'THANK  YOU  LORD  for Giving us Commissioner Bud Selig' 


Low Strikeouts Can Be Another Indicator of PED Use

  By itself, a low number of strikeouts by a team doesn't necessarily mean anything. Combined with other factors, low strikeouts can be a key indicator of #performance enhancing drugs. Users generally see the ball better and thereby strikeout less.

  Barry Bonds' hand-eye coordination was second to none and struck out relatively little, especially for the power hitter he became after 2000. From 2002 thru his final five years he never struck out more than 54 times a season , as compared to the 1990s whe he struck out almost twice the rate, 80-100 times per season.

MARCO SCUTARO Other-worldy strikeout ratio - Less than one per 37 at bats last year after coming to Giants

The San Francisco Giants, as a team, have had more players suspended for PED use. Last year after coming to the Giants Melky Cabrera raised his average 40 points , from .305 to .346 , while cutting his strikeouts down from 93 to 58 from the previous year in Kansas City. Marco Scutaro, a suspected user, in our opinion - see his numbers elsewhere in these pages - raised his average almost 70 points while cutting his strikeouts in half in the second half season after coming to the Giants from Colorado - and this coming at the ripe age of 37.  Pablo Sandoval, a free swinger, has ONLY ONE strikeout in his first 37 at bats this year, continuing a pattern begun end of last season when he hit six homers in the playoffs with only 11 strikeouts in 85 at bats against top pitching, after only hitting five homers in the first fove months of the season!

Rank 2013            Per at bat                 Home    Away    2012

3 SF Giants              5.73                       5.33       6.20       6.90

    Low strikeouts keep players at the plate longer and result in higher batting numbers while giving the team more opportunities to score runs. You would not expect a team like the Giants , especially playing in 'pitchers' ballpark to lead the league in runs scored. They did last year! It helps explain their high number of comeback wins , too.

      We're seeing just too many things going on among too many players to call it all a big coincidence; other teams are no doubt guilty, too, but not likely to the degree and repetitiveness of the Giants where this stuff has been going on for over a decade at an alarming rate and with numbers of players (Giants won the World Series two of last three years with virtually different teams - and equally suspicious players.SEE other pages in the blog.) we've seen a lack Of concern among Giants fans, who still revere Bonds,and perhaps the new, younger generation of baseball fans who know nothing else than dirty baseball now going on over a decade - two decades if you back to the McGwire -conseco era. too bad or us REAL baseball fans who deserve better, not having to try to figure out who is on peds and who isn't.

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 Low Strikeouts Can Be Another Indicator of  PED Use

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Concerned as some of us baseball purists are about the increasing negative affect PEDs have had on the grand old game, we thought we'd take a look at the current , supposedly updated,  drug testing and what all it entails. Will it really make a significant difference in reducing the number of cheaters in the game? From Wikipedia 4-10-13:

  "2006 Testing Policy has tests  administered via scientifically-validated urine test.

 Each Player shall be tested upon reporting to spring training. All Players will be selected for an additional unannounced urine specimen collection on a randomly selected date.   

In-Season testing

On January 10, 2013, MLB and the players union reached an agreement to add random, in-season human growth hormone and to a new test to reveal the use of testosterone. (We are told this is a test that will detect for synthetic testosterone, formerly undetectable by testing measures)  Testing will begin the 2013 season.( "Baseball to Expand Drug-Testing Program". New York Times. Retrieved 10 January 2013.)"

From Bob Baum of Associated Press (1-10-13),
"Baseball players were subject to blood testing for HGH during spring training last year, and Thursday’s(2013) agreement between management and the MLB Players Association expands that throughout the season. Those are in addition to urine tests for other performance-enhancing drugs."

Now, our real problem is with the next line from Baum's article of 1-10-13,
"Rob Manfred, executive vice president for economics and league affairs, said each player will be tested at least once." )     Hardly 'throughout' the season!

That was our big question , which seemed well hidden , even not listed as far as we could see - WHEN and HOW OFTEN are these tests given? We've heard in the past that the players are actually given notice days ahead of the test. Even without this a player need only wait for the test and , once given, can go back on the PEDs, with the knowledge that he would be very unlikely to get another test for a long period, perhaps the rest of the season.  'At least once' likely means once, maybe twice max - and probably tests would be spread months apart. 

So, a guy like Marco Scutaro of the San Francisco Giants, who starts the season batting in the low  100's after finishing up last year in the high  300's, waits for the test, which might have been given, say,  last week.  And, lo and behold, folowing the test, suddenly the hitting is back, and Scutaro has five hits in two games and is already back up to .200 and climbing after only having  a couple hits the previous six games!   He can probably not worry about another test for another month or two at least, continuing on the stuff and supposedly 'fooling' us and helping lead the Giants to yet another tainted World Series. (Pretty interesting how a team like the Giants won two World Series in three years with, basically, two completely different teams ...but a lot of connections!)
(See more background details @

154948_Baseball Is Back 300x250


Marco Scutaro Missing More Than His Swing

Marco Scutaro, now batting below the Mendoza line,  says that he can't find his swing.

Maybe Marco better go find  not only his swing but more importantly the little bottle with the good stuff Melky gave him that raised his average last year , suddenly, over 100 points and cut strikeouts in half ; he , in turn, gave to Pablo and who knows how many others. Oh, I guess it's testing time in the majors so Scutaro  may be waiting that out. Then, you'll suddenly see marco go from Mendoza to Melky or better, again... Just wait and see - like last year - at age 37!. 'Miracles' do happen in what they call  Baseball  2013.    Yet, Pablo is brave right now, hasn't lost a beat -er, syringe, from last fall. More @

Meanwhile, looks like Crawford has really gone over to the other side. Not only has he been continuing his almost otherworldly hitting, as compared to the 'Mendoza' shortstop from early last season - and he's hitting long homeruns   in ATT - but , worst of all, he's doing the finger salute now, like Panda, above (where they raise their fingers to the Lord after accomplishing one of their otherworldly feats...a . It seems like especially common practice among the (PED) users...

154948_Baseball Is Back 300x250 blanco, Pablo, PEDs, scutaro, Torrez, Venezuela

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Must be testing time as a number of the boys (Torrez, Blanco and Scutaro) are down in the averages but they'll be back. So, if one gets caught like Melky the Giants will send out to Venezuela or somewhere and put them with #Scutaro or #Pablo for a little training... Pablo's definitely carrying over the juice from last October  when he hit more homers the last month than the whole rest of season including that spectacular blast in the series. Pablo hit a blast tonight against LA off a good pitch by Dodger's Beckett.  #Crawford and #Belt look like new #PED guys with spring averages over 100 points higher than last season  Check out more of the sorry state of baseball, in our opinion, from our research department @

154948_Baseball Is Back 300x250

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Brandons Appear to Complete Giants All-PED Opening Lineup

'Dodgers can't buy chemistry' was the big quote from the lips of San Francisco Giants'
starting first baseman,  Brandon Belt, earlier this year.
Funny thing is that the Giants DO have chemistry on their side,
but a lot of it comes in a bottle and syringe. Belt's confounding 8 spring homers is more
than his  ENTIRE 2012 season output! On top of that , he almost doubled his batting average,
 from .275 to .457!   Yes, we know it's spring training but still, that's
when the pitchers are often ahead of the hitters - and no other Giant hit more than four homers
(Pablo)... just another piece of wonderment on the Giants. One may not have concrete
evidence but there's sure got to be questions. And this, in light of Belt's muffled 'no'-comments about
the suspension and loss of Melky Cabrera last year...

As for the other Brandon, Crawford, he also raised his batting average  100 points this
spring training vs last season and doubled his slugging percentage with 10 extra base hits.
Note that he has also become mentored and good friends with Marco Scutaro, last seasons
most likely non-caught user of PEDs; Scuatro also raised his average 100 points just
after coming to the Giants from Colorado last season and likely has passed on some of 
his 'knowledge' to at least this Brandon, much like Melky passed it onto his fellow
venezuelan when Scutaro first joined the Giants, midseason 20120, prior to Cabrera's

As for Scutaro, who's numbers are actually down in spring training, it may be due to
injuries, or , maybe he is saving himself for the season.

The fact of the matter is that , with this new knowledge about the Brandon brothers - who heretofore  we thought and hoped to be clean - virtually every Giant  starting player has probably used or is using PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Perhaps the Brandons were under too much pressure to reach that potential that had long gone unfulfilled.   No heavyscience here, just too many questions. And, combine this with some real science and numbers - 
see  -  and read all the posts form last year and together you've got a mountain of evidence that points the Giants  further advancing a  the PED tradition that began over a decade ago with Barry Bonds where now likely every starter but probably Posey has likely used or is using PEDs. Only the names have changed, in our opinion..

So, now the starting lineup is secure of PED players, either former users or current...
with Buster Posey the only player  unlikely  using...
probably so squeaky clean he doesn't even know the others have been or are using - and now
his unheard of nine year contract...

PS Don't you love the way the Giants go out and try to nail down nearly every starting player
to long term contracts, especially with their track record  , going back
to Rennie Stennett and even Orlando Cepeda for Ray Sedeki... Aaron Rowand, Huff, Zito
(even though he's redeemed himself the past season after four bad ones @ $20K per, etc..

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Amazing Oakland A's with walk off win in Second Game of American League Playoffs Oct 5


The Oakland A's couldn't be any more
different from the team across the Bay. They're a team
of largely young, hungry, relatively low paid players that 
nobody expected to go very far. That is, except the
players themselves and their adoring fans.  Gone is
the one known tainted player, Colon -
 a refreshing departure
from what we  see in the San Francisco Giants, a team
built and still thriving off their 'misfit,' win-at-all-costs 
ways going back over a decade - a team with twice the 
payroll of the A's and a long line of players who have 
bought into the modern 'quick fix' to put up inflated, 
artificially-enhanced numbers in a city that goes
way back to the flower children drug culture.
Oakland is a blue collar town with an old stadium, yet
 with a scrappy team without stars that
prides itself on its 'no frills,' hard work ethic built around
a  smart GM, 'Trader Billy,' and manager Bob Melvin.. 
 courtesy ESPN
Baseball Tonight breaks down Sonny Gray's stellar performance in Game 2 of the American League Division Series.Tags: Stephen VogtJustin VerlanderSonny Gray
OAKLAND -- This is the big question as the Athletics and Tigers fly to Detroit with their division series tied 1-1: Who will play Stephen Vogt in the "Moneyball" sequel?
I mean, Vogt is the natural candidate for a major role in the movie. Few players epitomize the entire Athletics economic approach to building a team better than the soon-to-be 29-year-old catcher. Vogt played six seasons in the minors before reaching the big leagues with the Tampa Bay Rays last summer -- and then went hitless in 25 at-bats spread out over four months.
[+] EnlargeStephen Vogt
AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezTo the victor -- Stephen Vogt, in this case -- goes the shaving cream pie.
With a lifetime average of .000 (his WAR was not very good, either), he was designated for assignment by the Rays at the start of the year. While other players were beginning the season, Vogt was walking through a shopping mall in -- where else? -- Durham, N.C., wondering if, like Crash Davis, his baseball career was over. Then his cell phone rang and he learned that the Oakland Athletics had just purchased his contract for $150,000.
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by Mark PURDY, San Jose Mercury News

OAKLAND -- The Hollywood producers blew it. Completely.
Perhaps you saw "Moneyball" a few years ago, the movie about the 2002 Oakland Athletics team supposedly composed of inferior players that shocked the baseball world with the killer combination of creative strategic thinking and Brad Pitt's extremely evocative close-ups.
Mundane stuff, compared with 2013.
The current A's team is the one that really deserves to have a film made about it. Maybe that will happen if the month of October becomes a rousing final reel. We'll see if that happens, beginning here Friday when the A's face the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Division Series.


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by Mark PURDY, San Jose Mercury News

OAKLAND -- The Hollywood producers blew it. Completely.
Perhaps you saw "Moneyball" a few years ago, the movie about the 2002 Oakland Athletics team supposedly composed of inferior players that shocked the baseball world with the killer combination of creative strategic thinking and Brad Pitt's extremely evocative close-ups.
Mundane stuff, compared with 2013.
The current A's team is the one that really deserves to have a film made about it. Maybe that will happen if the month of October becomes a rousing final reel. We'll see if that happens, beginning here Friday when the A's face the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Division Series.


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by Mark PURDY, San Jose Mercury News

OAKLAND -- The Hollywood producers blew it. Completely.
Perhaps you saw "Moneyball" a few years ago, the movie about the 2002 Oakland Athletics team supposedly composed of inferior players that shocked the baseball world with the killer combination of creative strategic thinking and Brad Pitt's extremely evocative close-ups.
Mundane stuff, compared with 2013.
The current A's team is the one that really deserves to have a film made about it. Maybe that will happen if the month of October becomes a rousing final reel. We'll see if that happens, beginning here Friday when the A's face the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Division Series.


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THE Oakland A's again this year surprised the baseball world finishing off the Western Division  in first place, again supplanting the vaunted Texas Rangers  with 90 wins, no big name stars and one of the lowest payrolls in baseball.  Meanwhile,   cross Bay rival San Francisco Giants  just escaped being the first team to go from the World Series to last place in years,  despite having the fourth highest payroll , several stars , a lot of high priced players and a history of PED players and suspected performance enhancing drug users, in our opinion. Do the A's have enough to go all the Way to the World Series?  Purchase Tshirt - Classic 'A's' over Oak Tree in Circle
Forget Moneyball - 2013 Oakland A's The REAL Story 
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Joe DiMaggio once worked with the Oakland A's and Charlie Finley in the 1970s/80s and would be proud of the current team,  which plays much in the style of the old Yankee Clipper....good old, hard-nosed, no nonsense , smart baseball. There are no big name stars, just a lot of eager, aggressive, intelligent fun-loving 'lower paid' players who are playing for the love of the game as much as anything. There is also a manager, Bob Melvin, who has upset GM Billy Beane's old theory that the manager doesn't make a difference, who took over a team that revolted against it's previous manager - and the coaching staff is second to none. They've gotten the most out of their young team.  No help from modern technology, ie PEDs, like the cross Bay team.  This is good old, real  Golden Era Baseball like when DiMaggio played.
FORGET MONEYBALL - WHAT MONEY? 'Low  Paid'  2013 A's The Real Hollywood Story
by Mark Purdy, San Jose Mercury News
OAKLAND -- The Hollywood producers blew it. Completely.
Perhaps you saw "Moneyball" a few years ago, the movie about the 2002 Oakland Athletics team supposedly composed of inferior players that shocked the baseball world with the killer combination of creative strategic thinking and Brad Pitt's extremely evocative close-ups.
Mundane stuff, compared with 2013.
The current A's team is the one that really deserves to have a film made about it. Maybe that will happen if the month of October becomes a rousing final reel. We'll see if that happens, beginning here Friday when the A's face the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Division Series.
To be sure, the A's of 2002 were intriguing.
Oakland Athletics players and fans exult as the last out of the game is made against the Minnesota Twins, Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, at Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. (D. ROSS CAMERON)
They had a 20-game win streak and did break ground when general manager Billy Beane (portrayed by Pitt in the film) started using statistical data to make personnel and lineup decisions.But come on. Those A's did not feature a stadium that leaked raw sewage; or an uncertain future in their home city; or a relief pitcher from Australia who screams a lot and grew up playing rugby; or a right fielder nicknamed "Hillbilly Jesus"; or a powerfully exotic slugger from Cuba who obliterated the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game. The A's of 2013 have given us all of the above. And then some.
"We do have some interesting guys," A's manager Bob Melvin conceded this week.
Not that many casual sports fans in the Bay Area would know.  MORE

How The (2013 American League) West Was Won  

There were a lot of great months in the A's 2013 playoff run, but none better than the month of September, that saw the A's overcome a 2-game deficit to eventually win the Division and finish the season five games ahead of the Rangers, who were knocked out in the play-in Wild Card game. The A's played strong when it counted, and as Texas faded, they took complete advantage; even Texas' end-of-the-season winning streak was too little too late to dethrone the 2-time defending American League West Champions, and that's why the Oakland Athletics will be playing tomorrow.
The A's started September by finishing a sweep of the Rays, obviously catching them, too, at their weakest point of the season. A lot of the A's success--winning the Division with a full week to spare--came by playing Texas and Tampa Bay at exactly the right time. Had the AL West and Wild Card gone down to the wire with the A's still in the mix, they would have had to win out to keep pace with the other teams, who won the remainder of their last games to get into the playoffs, even briefly. Before the penultimate showdown between the A's and the Rangers, the A's first took out the Rays, in game #136. Nico has the call: Joe Maddon thought he would try as many different pitchers as possible, so the A's decided to score in as many creative ways as they could and the end result was a 5-1 victory, a sweep of Tampa Bay, and just 1 game between Oakland and Texas in the standings as the Rangers come to town. This left the A's just one game back, as they geared up to face the Rangers.
Unlike previous experiences with the Rangers, the A's did not waste this opportunity, fighting hard to take two out of three, and climbing back on top of the AL West. Game one was recapped by Lev Facher, who coaxed the A's to a tie: A solid five innings from Dan Straily, home runs from Coco Crisp and Yoenis Cespedes, and scoreless relief work from Dan Otero, Brett Anderson, Ryan Cook, and Grant Balfour have the A's back in a tie for first place. In front of 23,495 frenzied fans on a sun-splashed day at the Oakland Coliseum, a few costly mistakes on Texas' part and a nerve-wracking yet effective four innings from the bullpen gave the A's a 4-2 win, and seemingly all of the momentum in the AL West race. There really wasn't anything "seemingly" about it. Aside from losing the following night, the game also handled by Lev Facher: Well, the A's are back in second place. An all-around uninspiring evening from the green and gold has the A's a game behind the Rangers, making the rubber match tomorrow afternoon almost a must-win with three games in Arlington looming on the horizon. Bartolo Colon was both mediocre and unlucky tonight, while the A's offense stalled repeatedly with runners in scoring position. The bullpen wasn't great, either. Heard this one before?, the A's would strap on their playoff underoos and decimate the rest of the month, winning series after series. They finished the Rangers' series with a win, as baseballgirl tells us, the game also marking the return of Daric. Barton. The plucky A's, winners of eight of their last ten games, shook off yesterday's loss like it didn't even matter, and continued their trend of stomping all over ace pitchers as they dismantled Rangers' starter Yu Darvish and gutted the rest of the Texas bullpen to the tune of 11-4. The big blows of the game were home runs off the bats of Moss, Donaldson, and Coco. Oh, and also: Daric. Barton. This tied the A's and Rangers for first place, with barely 20 games to go in the season..
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