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'Ron Bergman Quintessential Reporter to cover Colorful Oakland A’s dynasty of the 1970s.

1973 A's honored Bergman's 'Mustache Gang' 1973 Oakland A's honored in recent reunion at the Oakland Coliseum.

'Writing with great verve and a keen wit, Ron 

Bergman was the quintessential reporter to

 cover the colorful Oakland A’s dynasty of the 

1970s.'  ...Susan Slusser, SFGate

   The thing that stood out for me, reading all the tributes to former Oakland A's beat writer Ron Bergman, who passed last week, was his honesty. And, isn't that what newspaper reporting is supposed to be about?  Unlike in this politically correct world of today - especially in San Francisco - Bergman wasn't afraid to 'ruffle feathers' or elephant snouts, as it were. Yet, Bergman remained a beloved figure in the A's clubhouse and was even close friends with some of the players; he was a championship bridge partner to A's pitcher Ken Holtzman. 

 An example of that brutal honesty, was Bergman's 2005 comment about steroids and the Hall of Fame. He is one of few local sportswriters to go against the party line, when discussing Barry Bonds possible induction into the Baseball Hall . Unlike most, who say Bonds should get in because he was All Star caliber 'before steroids' (as if they knew exactly when that was ), Bergman, even then, commented,

"I will not vote for McGwire or Bonds in the first year of their eligibility in order to make a statement of sorts. After that, it depends on what becomes of the allegations against them."

  “Bergy told it like it was,” A’s Hall of Fame reliever Rollie Fingers said. “He was always fair, he did a great job — and if we ever needed a fourth for bridge, he was there. He always had great copy, because there was plenty to write about with those teams.”   Too bad we don't have more Bergmans today instead of the new breed of sportwriter - and even the old breed that cops to the times, getting sucked into the steroid era despite knowing baseball today is not the same as it was - as even fans see now as  shown by dwindling TV ratings and attendance (outside of San Francisco).   For more on Ron Bergman, see Susan Slusser's SFGate  story


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Now Giants Pitching Raises PED Questions with Petit's Sudden Surge Three Products

Now Giants Pitching Raises PED Questions with Petit's Sudden Surge

Looking back at Petit, Now and then....

He had never pitched a shutout before , let alone a complete game. He had only won 10 games and lost 20 in a journeyman 10 year career. Now at an age when pitchers with his history are already out of the game or close to it, Yasmeiro Petit is suddenly pitching better than all the other Giant starting pitchers - and most in baseball for that matter.

So, he didn't quite get the perfect game September 6, coming just one hit away, the Giants fans are ecstatic, of course. But before we get too excited, one has to question this picture.

'Esplain me Lucy how a team with but one bonafide playoff starter (and three starters with losing records) can post 0.99 ERA over 9 playoff games against top teams? > 

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When the Giants top starters Bumgardner, Cain, Linsecum haven't come this nearly close to a perfect game how the heck can  an over the hill nobody  do it. Think Brady Anderson suddenly nitting 40 homers one year after never hitting more than 10  before or after. 
In three years with Arizona, before coming to the Giants he had over a 5. ERA with less than a strikeout per inning. After leaving baseball for two years he comes to the Giants at age 30 and cuts his ERA nearly in half and more than a strikeout per inning. He's never been known as a velocity pitcher yet his velocity, if anything has gone up a little since 2009 instead of beginning to drop as it usually does for pitchers around age 30

Standard Pitching  YASMEIRO PETIT

  • YearAgeTmLgWL
    2006 21 FLA NL 1 1 .500 9.57 15 1 5 0 0 0 26.1 46 28 28 7 9 1 20 0 0 0 129 46 2.089 15.7 2.4 3.1 6.8 2.22
    2007 22 ARI NL 3 4 .429 4.58 14 10 2 0 0 0 57.0 58 30 29 12 18 1 40 0 1 0 243 104 1.333 9.2 1.9 2.8 6.3 2.22
    2008 23 ARI NL 3 5 .375 4.31 19 8 6 0 0 0 56.1 45 29 27 12 14 2 42 1 1 3 229 107 1.047 7.2 1.9 2.2 6.7 3.00
    2009 24 ARI NL 3 10 .231 5.82 23 17 2 0 0 0 89.2 102 62 58 19 34 1 74 0 0 3 407 77 1.517 10.2 1.9 3.4 7.4 2.18
    2012 27 SFG NL 0 0 3.86 1 1 0 0 0 0 4.2 7 2 2 0 4 0 1 0 0 1 22 100 2.357 13.5 0.0 7.7 1.9 0.25
    2013 28 SFG NL 2 0 1.000 3.12 3 2 0 0 0 0 17.1 19 6 6 1 4 0 23 0 0 0 72 110 1.327 9.9 0.5 2.1 11.9 5.75
    6 Yrs 12 20 .375 5.37 75 39 15 0 0 0 251.1 277 157 150 51 83 5 200 1 2 7 1102 83 1.432 9.9 1.8 3.0 7.2 2.41
    162 Game Avg. 7 12 .375 5.37 45 23 9 0 0 0 150 165 94 89 30 50 3 119 1 1 4 657 83 1.432 9.9 1.8 3.0 7.2 2.41
    ARI (3 yrs) 9 19 .321 5.05 56 35 10 0 0 0 203.0 205 121 114 43 66 4 156 1 2 6 879 91 1.335 9.1 1.9 2.9 6.9 2.36
    SFG (2 yrs) 2 0 1.000 3.27 4 3 0 0 0 0 22.0 26 8 8 1 8 0 24 0 0 1 94 108 1.545 10.6 0.4 3.3 9.8 3.00
    FLA (1 yr) 1 1 .500 9.57 15 1 5 0 0 0 26.1 46 28 28 7 9 1 20 0 0 0 129 46 2.089 15.7 2.4 3.1 6.8 2.22

Velocity Charts show all of his pitches improving 1-2 mph between 2009 and 2013 with the Giant

2007 Diamondbacks 87.9 82.3 73.7 80.4
2008 Diamondbacks 87.1 81.0 74.0 78.3
2009 Diamondbacks 87.3 88.1 78.0 74.5 77.7
2012 Giants 87.6 85.9 80.4 76.6 80.5
2013 Giants 88.1 87.5 83.2 76.3 80.4
Total - - - 87.4 88.1 87.0 80.0 74.6 78.4

A player just doesn't cut his lifetime ERA in half at an advanced age over a prolonged period. We saw the same thing happen with Scutaro last year, raising his average nearly 100 points the second half of the season after coming to the Giants from Colorado.  Granted it's been only three games so far with the Giants but Petit looks like , if anything, he's improving his numbers and the fact that the Diamond backs showed no improvement but hit worse against him the second time around makes one further ask questions.
-Its not like the Diamondbacks had never seen him before the        

 Sept 6 one hitter...the Diamondbacks had a good look at him last week already.
- You've got the perfect candidate for using PEDs.. the 30 year old pitcher at the crossroads of either retiring  or going for it with PEDs.  At least one minor league Giants coach is known to even have suggested to such action to a player in a similar career situation.
- Latin players, particularly those from Venezuela have been the big culprits in the recent PED busts, with another Venezuelan and Giant, Melky Cabrera , leading the pack last  Did we mention that 1/3 of the Giants non-expanded lineup are Venezuelans (8); quite something for a small country to put more players on the Giants than caucasian players. (Note: during the Mitchell report and followup  22 Venezuelans were found complicit in using banned substances - which was third most of any country, right behind the US!

We've seen Venezuelan pitchers for the Giants such as Machi and _____ improve their numbers once with the Giants, but not like what we've seen from Petit in the last three games since coming up to the Big Leagues.  It's reminiscent of Chad 'the incident' Gaudin who suddenly became the no. 2 most successful starter after coming up midseason. He may not be from Venezuela but we have questions about him, too, and not just his penchant for visiting young women on gurneys in hospitals.   And did we mention that one-third of the 

Giants non-extended team are Venezuelans (8)?
We're  afraid It's the same old Giants story, that of bringing in players, mostly Latin, er Venezuelans, in recent years - players who've done virtually nothing to distinguish themselves but once with the Giants they almost always hit 30-50 points higher than their career average - or the last team they came from. I know we're not supposed to talk this way but by now it's our strong belief that GM Sabean purposely goes after these rejects in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle, or , more likely something else in a bottle and syringe, perhaps. It's happened year after year in the lax state of baseball testing , which, by the way, hasn't caught a single player all year; baseball had to go after Biogenesis to save face since its own testing is well behind the curve of designer PEDs that go undetectable to their tests. You can chalk up some of the past to lack of good judgement  and the influence of Bonds around them - decent guys like Aurilia, Matt Williams, Santiago .  Then there were Mendoza guys like Marvin  Bernard  who were still able to raise their numbers into the respectable range. There was more innocense back then, except for Bonds  . Today, players should no better and we cant feel sorry for them .

We don't know where Petit is getting his stuff but it would seem there's plenty to go around once players land on the Giants. San Francisco is, after all, the BALCO and BONDS capital where it all really began in the most liberal city in America where the smell of canabis in the stands was rampant during their World Series home games. You can throw in local guys McGwire and Conseco, too , yet that was from a slighty earlier, not so much designer drug era.  If the Giants didn't have such a consistent history, year after year , of having convicted PED users (not to mention the ones not caught) we wouldn't be as quick to jump on this.  Just to many dots connected. Remember, it took almost 10 years before a couple of brave reporters  broke the Bonds  story

- And, just an afterthought or sidelight that we thought it rather bizarre that the Giants would  interview Petit - in Spanish , no less (Petit doesn't speak English after playing American basebally nearly 10 years)  over the PA system after the game.  If it had been  no hitter or perfect game
 it might be understandable but one there's a big difference between a one hitter and perfect game - agt least in status. 

No, Not a Great World Series But A _ _ _ s  World Series (Fill in the blanks) 

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The Brandons Appear to Complete Giants All-PED Opening Lineup


10-14 looking back to Saturday, March 30, 2013

'Dodgers can't buy chemistry' was the big quote from the lips of San Francisco Giants' starting first baseman,  Brandon Belt, earlier this year.

Moving ahead to 2014 and the first one game playoff against Pittsburg, the Brandons seemed to have no problem leading the way, accounting for all the runs. Especially interesting after Belt has been out until  recently and had no practice games, and Crawford was only hitting .220 until his  typical Giant sudden spurt to .250! 

Funny thing is that the Giants DO have chemistry on their side,
but a lot of it comes in a bottle and syringe. Belt's confounding 8 spring homers is more
than his  ENTIRE 2012 season output! On top of that , he almost doubled his batting average,
 from .275 to .457!   Yes, we know it's spring training but still, that's
when the pitchers are often ahead of the hitters - and no other Giant hit more than four homers
(Pablo)... just another piece of wonderment on the Giants. One may not have concrete
evidence but there's sure got to be questions. And this, in light of Belt's muffled 'no'-comments about
the suspension and loss of Melky Cabrera last year...

As for the other Brandon, Crawford, he also raised his batting average  100 points this
spring training vs last season and doubled his slugging percentage with 10 extra base hits.
Note that he has also become mentored and good friends with Marco Scutaro, last seasons
most likely non-caught user of PEDs; Scuatro also raised his average 100 points just
after coming to the Giants from Colorado last season and likely has passed on some of 
his 'knowledge' to at least this Brandon, much like Melky passed it onto his fellow
venezuelan when Scutaro first joined the Giants, midseason 20120, prior to Cabrera's

As for Scutaro, who's numbers WERE actually down in spring training, it may be due to
injuries, or , maybe he is saving himself for the season.

The fact of the matter is that , with this new knowledge that  Brandons may be onto something-whether illegal or legal, like the new popular 'legal'Adderall, below - who heretofore  we thought and hoped to be clean - hearly  every Giant, it would appear from suddenly increased numbers and fewer strikeouts,   starting player it would appear has used or is using PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Perhaps the Brandons were under too much pressure to reach that potential that had long gone unfulfilled.   No heavyscience here, just too many questions. And, combine this with some real science and numbers - 
see  -  and read all the posts form last year and together you've got a mountain of evidence that points the Giants  further advancing a  the PED tradition that began over a decade ago with Barry Bonds where now likely every starter but probably Posey has likely used or is using PEDs. Only the names have changed, in our opinion..


New (Legal) Baseball PED of Choice Used by 119 Players, Up From Last Year


So, now the starting lineup is secure of PED players, either former users or current...
with Buster Posey the only player  unlikely  using...
probably so squeaky clean he doesn't even know the others have been or are using - and now
his unheard of nine year contract...

PS Don't you love the way the Giants go out and try to nail down nearly every starting player
to long term contracts, especially with their track record  , going back
to Rennie Stennett and even Orlando Cepeda for Ray Sedeki... Aaron Rowand, Huff, Zito
(even though he's redeemed himself the past season after four bad ones @ $20K per, etc..



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A's Tix - half price - Click then scroll down or search 'Oakland A's 

9th Circuit Court Could Overturn Barry Bonds 2011 Perjury Conviction, Make Him A Free Man - Would Baseball Suffer? 


After years of legal wranglings -- and many more years of apparent steroid use to enhance  his and the  San Francisco Giants' numbers and records - Barry Bonds may soon be free of  illegal convictions.  

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Watch the latest 9th Circuit Court of appeals  opening session regarding the Bonds appeal to overturn his 2011 conviction.         The 11-judge  federal  9th U.S.Circuit Court of Appeals gave signs of overturning Bonds' 2011 'obstructing of justice' conviction.  9th Circuit Judge William Fletcher told assistant U.S.assistant attorney Merry Jean Chan that he found her reading of obstuction of justice 'alarming.'   A majority of the 9th Circuit's 29 ful-time judges voted to consider Bonds' bid to overturn  his felony conviction which stems from a jury finding that he gave evasive answers to a federal grand jury probling the BALCO steroids candal in December 2003.

          kids today asking about older players using enhancers      

Bonds  'Rambling, Evasive Answers' 

The judges  indicated that Bonds' 'rambling, evasive' answers  to a question  about whether his fomer personal trainer, Greg Anderson, had ever supplied or injected im with steroids were not necessarily evasive despite their  rambling nature.   Chan told the judges that Bonds'testimony was designed to obstruct the BALCO investigation.  Last year  a three-judge 9th Circuit panel rejected Bond's  legal arguments that he was convicted of simply providing a rambling answer that did not amount to a crime.  The judges found the testimony 'evasive'and 'misleading' .  But, the 9th Circuit is one of the most liberal and lenient courts in the country, and that they would take back the case indicates that they could  overturn the previous verdict, leaving Bonds technically innocent of any crimes;no doubt Bonds is trying to do as Roger Clemens,  who successfully appealed a similar steroid case against


 If this were to happen, it would make for a dark day and further cloud over baseball, that a player like Bonds, who, technically admitted to using steroids by saying he thought it was 'flaxseed,' could apparently get away with using performance enhancing drugs for more than a decade.  Bonds broke Henry Aaron's career homer record  by hitting more more than 40 homers after the age of 30, after only hitting as many as 40 once prior to that .  Significant body changes to Bonds mirrored those years, yet Bonds was not challenged really challenged about PED usage 2004 when he admitted to using 'the cream and the clear,' saying that he thought it was told it was flaxseed oil,  in  the BALCO investigation. Meanwhile, his personal trainer, Anderson, would spend two rounds of more than a year in jail rather than testify in the case.  Bonds could have been convicted on a number of other counts, also involving 'rambling'  answers including his purpurted 'disadvantage' being a 'celebrity child with a famous father' (Bobby Bonds, a star for the Giants in the late 60s and early 70s) but the jury deadlocked on other counts.      

 Bonds - More than a Simple 'Evasive' Answer? 

  On the surface, Barry Bond's attorney, Dennis Riordan  is claiming that an evasive answer to a question doesn't necessarily have to be  a crime.  When you strip away everything else, that may sound true. Yet, with all the additional Bonds 'baggage' one has to wonder, if Bonds is not at least guilty of this single count - he never was charged for using 'the cream and the clear,' admittedly illegal drugs - one has to ask what does it take to convict ?  Bonds went on to continue playing baseball another three years after the 2004 testimony.   The Mitchell Report did seemed to help bring an end to the careers of many, including Bonds, Sammy Sosa, McGwire.   Bonds remains a 'hero' in his hometown of San Francisco, where he was invited back this year as an hitting instructor for the Giants in spring training.  Today, even though perhaps lax MLB drug testing has not caught anyone of late, it's likely that neither the Mitchell Investigation or last year's Biogenesis 'lead' have done much to curtail the use of PEDs in baseball. Balco's Victor Conte and others have guestimated that upwards of 50% of players are still using , which might be indicated in continuing heighted numbers, especially among pitchers with lowered ERAs.  


  HALL OF FAME CREDENTIALS?  People debate whether purported PED players like Bonds should make the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Without PEDs, there's some question whether Bonds REALLY had the numbers...   Though Bonds was not prosecuted for his purported use of PEDs, it's interesting to note that Bonds never hit more than 36 homeruns in a year, nor  did he hit over .300 but twice - until he came to the San Francisco Giants in 1993, when he had  his best year by far (.336 and 46 homers)- certainly not Hall of Fame numbers, contrary to  peoples'  belief - people who have probably not looked at the numbers (below). Once in San Francisco, Bonds seemed to get better with age, hitting 73 homers in 2001 and lead leaguing .370 the following year at 37, an age when most players have retired.      

  barry bonds career  As seen in the chart above,  Bonds 'only' had a .275 average in his 7 years at Pittsburg and 176 homers. If these numbers were extrapolated over the next 15 years, Bonds would have finished with 525 homeruns - far short of the lifetime homerun record (and that's assuming he'd be averaging 25 homeruns a year  in his late 30s sans PEDs - and if he'd even be playing in his 40s. .

      Meanwhile, baseball attendance continues to do well, especially in San Francisco , which has had over 200 straight 'sellouts,'  a somewhat controversial figure in itself.  Former Commissioner of Baseball leaves claiming baseball is 'cleaner than ever'with the best drug testing in all sports.  Most younger fans , who've grown up under the PED cloud,  don't know any other way enough to care - but older fans , who probably know better, seem to also be turning a blind eye - especially in San Francisco where their hero, Bonds, performed a full 15 years, effectively making PEDs acceptable.  Rarely does one hear a boo from the stands as all seems fine and dandy in San Francisco - and many other baseball corners. Yet,  deep down, true older fans, who have seen REAL baseball going back to the Mays and McCovey days in cold Candlestick Park, must look at themeselves in the mirror as current baseball fans are a part and parcel of, the degradation of the game -admit it or not.  Baseball today is about money, numbers -and, yes, drugs. Talent is no longer a given - one must guess whether a player is on PEDs or not, or not care - and, if the latter, is the case, what's the point ?

  organized crime

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