Saturday, June 5, 2010

Geren Must Go Say Fans - Maybe Beane's Not Right about Manager Influence after Four Losing Seasons

Time to let Geren  go.
Just on tonights and last nights performance alone… not to mention the rest of
1) Did you see what the As manager did tonight? He walks
Morneau, pinch hitting with no outs and nobody on base!
On top of that , Morneau was under the weather and Ziegler doesn’t give up many
home runs.
Ziegler walks the next guy (probably still in shock for being asked to walk a
guy with nobody on base) which puts Morneau in scoring position and next guy
hits base hit to score him…
You don’t walk a batter whoever it is when no outs or even one out and nobody
on base, even Barry Bonds…
Rediculous. Unbelievable. Plus Ziegler doesn’t give up homers anyway so worse
that would have happended is Morneau gets
a hit , no different than a walk. If a guy on second base I could maybe

2) they’re was another controversial call Geren didn’t react to in the
fifth, which I missed… people talking about…

3) Plus they’re letting Raj Davis try to be a homerun hitter instead of
building runs, which he’s meant to do… he’s not a
homer hitter. He’s supposed to just get to first base so he can steal.

4) Geren has no consistent plan with the bullpen.
He left Ziegler in to face four lefties in alone for example.

5) No lineup tonight. If you want to rest one of the top three players
(eg Sweeney hurting) but all three?
Especially against a top pictcher like the Twins’ Luriano. Why are Fox and
Patterson playing with .200 averages?
Any number of others could do much better…
Let them go to options if they have to… Tonights lineup was pathetic. Even
Jack Cust is a improvement
over those guys… Geren just about gives up the game before its started.
Somehow the A’s stayed close so Geren
gets another chance to give up the game in the 9th by walking a hitter with
nobody on base.

6) Injuries – no excuse. Tired of As using the injury excuse. The lineup
was not injured , only some pitchers…
- – - – -
Last night there was no reason to play Patterson shallow in the 9th. . You never
do that in a close game, late innings..
If Beane keeps Geren around this will be a reflection on Beane. Geren simply
puts players like Patterson in a position
to fail.

No wonder more people aren’t coming to the ballpark. I desperately want to go
but when the A’s keep pulling this stuff I can’t take it.