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Classic baseball
It's been a month or two since we've reported in these pages but we're back after having , inexplicably, 'LOST' our main website blog, Where Did You Go Joe Dimaggio... We'll give another update here, with a preamble that our only intention by so doing with this and other blogs is to WAKE UP fans and people of the real SIDESHOW that's going on in baseball, and especially in San Francisco, in our opinion. Yes, we live in a different world today, but theperformance enchancing drugs - though they may help veteran players recover form injuries and enhance their games - are still illegal and make for an uneven and unnatural - and UNFAIR- playing field . It's now well over 10 years since Barry Bonds got things going, as it were,  and younger fans have only seen baseball played the modern  way . We think they would benefit , as would society, of seeing baseball, again, return , to the natural, REAL Fileld of Dreams, as it were. For  old school fans, like ourselves , it would be nice to be able to , once again, watch games without having to play our own game of  'who's on PEDs and who's not.  '   Baseball continues to sell, despite itself  - and , perhaps, the PEDs are helping sell the sport.  But despite what Al David and Vince Lomaarbdi said about winning - and now what we find happening in places like ATanT park in San Francisco, does it have to be all about winning at any cost, because that's what's happening here.  It's been over 10 years and the same shenanigans (another vintage term you younger folks can learn here) are going on in San Francisco and certainly other baseball towns, to a lesser extent.  We know a lot of people are concerned - for both reasons already mentioned as well as HEALTH concerns- yet few speak out about it . And that's all we're trying to do here.  Not to sound puritanical or holier than thou.  Just to make a point by some of us who remember an earlier.


How is it that, seemingly, every time the San Francisco Giants go on a losing streak on the road they come back to San Francisco and suddenly turn things around to the point of rediculousness. The starting pitcher will suddenly and 'mysteriously' raise his velocity over previous starts , hitters will come off the bench to become world beaters and fielding will improve (largely since the other team is not hitting the ball)...

It happened again Monday night, May 20. After one of their worst road trips (1-5) in Toronto and Colorado where none of the starters went more than five innings and the team was outscored three to one in the series, Ryan Vogelsong suddenly became a pitcher by, again, 'mysteriously' raising his velocity, the key to getting the opposing batters out. Two or three miles an hour can make a big difference and that's what he did this night, shutting out the strong Washington nationals through the first five or six innings. Bench hitters like Andre Torrez will come out of the cold to get several key hits. the batters will rarely strike out.

Then on Tuesday night, the Giants did it again, waiting until the ninth inning to win the game.   A normally marginal player like Gregor Blanco is becoming  the Andre Torrez of 2012, who would normally strike out or make  an out on another team but comes up for the Giants  and works the count before hitting a long triple on  a two strike pitch off Washington's ace reliever.  Game tied. Then Sandoval come s up and, you guessed it , whacks it out for his  eighth homer. At this rate he'll have over 40 this season, something he has never come close to...   Washington hardly  had a chance.

You see, some these Giants virtually stopped striking out. They've improved, yes, their sight and hand-eye coordination and they're hitting the ball a lot farther as they get older. Shades of Barry Bonds - and for similar reasons they're doing it, whicih we've chronicled  here.  It gets disgusting to us baseball purists .  Guys like Sandoval , who was a strikeout king all of his career , until last year, and Scutaro , at 38, are hitting rediculously  - yet nobody questions any of it, except maybe for us. But, certainly, people must be thinking 'what's going on here...'

We've heard of 'home cooking' but this is rediculous. We KNOW wh at's going on and we've tried to educate fans who care. We've explained how the new 'secret sauce' can work quickly and be out of the system quickly. You haven't seen any players susspended this year for PEDs and you probably won't, yet many are using... 

Just look at the numbers and fluctuations over time. We've laid it out for you, thought THEY have shut down our main website so we can no longer direct you, again, to those. YOu'll have to do your own research. It's easy... and obvious - and amazing that others arent't reporting the bad along with the good, as it were.

 We may not be your 'watchdog' much longer as the pressure is on us, apparently, to decist
from reporting and doing and saying and exposing as we feel we should. Journalism from
the old school, which we were brought up on. But, today, when's the last time you really
saw an investigative report? It's all about 'schmoozing' today, being paid off or whatever.
Not wanting to lose one's job.

The Giants are the Barack Obama's of baseball. They just have been caught this time around;
lord knows, after their history you'd think there'd be more people checking up on their
circumspect ways. In any city other than San Francisco IT would have surely come out by now.
Especially on the East coast. Look at Big Daddy on Boston and what he's been going through
of late for (probably) using the stuff; what with those big numbers at his advanced age
you have to at least question there's been considerable suspect in his past.
But , in liberal San Francisco anything goes. Do your thing. Win at any cost, even management
will go along. After all, they're the ones going after all these questionable players
other teams don't seem to want. And we know why? Currently the Giants have six or seven
players from Melky Cabrera country, Venezuela. We only bring that up because the most
circumspect Giants hail from there - and the Giants keep going after them; even the no names
become sudden stars on the Giants. Just look at the names among the leaders on the Giants...
pitchers especially, you wouldn't expect.

So , we digress. This could be the end of our reporting. We feel like the AP reporters
that Obama was checking up on and don't want to go through that. So, we will probably close
up shop as your baseball watchdogs and go over to San Rafael and watch what he hear is
REAL baseball... at least give it a chance. Tired of these overpaid players who seem
to perform eratically. It's not ONLY the Giants but that seems to be the center of attention.
The Oakland A'z have had their suspect players too, to a lesser extreme. And, of course,
this is the center of Balco where IT all began back in the late 80s, but before it had
really gone viral , as it were....

So, keep going to to all the Giants 'sellouts' and root for your team and have fun,
if that's what you think is fun...

 Why do the Giants pitchers fluctuate in velocity so much, ie vogelsong, Lincecum, Bumgarner?

Only Cain has normal velocity from outing to outing. Kind of revealing I'd say, ie after a few bad
outings Vogelsong somehow raised his velocity Monday night right when he needed it.
As of May 23,  Marco Scutaro was hitting .491 during his 19 game hitting streak, which continued against Washington.   After coming to the Giants last July he's hitting over .350 and his strikeouts are miniscule, one of the best in the league along with on base percentage. 
Fellow Venezuelan countryman, Sandoval isn't far behind, but has eight homeruns in a little over a month. Add that to his seven last Sepftemer and he's on a pace for 40+ homers, far more than he's ever hit in a season.  Until last September he was a wild swinger who struck out a lot. He's still a wild swinger but he's cut his strike outs in half or less.  There's no rational explanation for these two players extreme improvements  except for PEDs, in our view.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


'THANK  YOU  LORD  for Giving us Commissioner Bud Selig'


Concerned as some of us baseball purists are about the increasing negative affect PEDs have had on the grand old game, we thought we'd take a look at the current , supposedly updated,  drug testing and what all it entails. Will it really make a significant difference in reducing the number of cheaters in the game? From Wikipedia 4-10-13:

  "2006 Testing Policy has tests  administered via scientifically-validated urine test.

 Each Player shall be tested upon reporting to spring training. All Players will be selected for an additional unannounced urine specimen collection on a randomly selected date.   

In-Season testing

On January 10, 2013, MLB and the players union reached an agreement to add random, in-season human growth hormone and to a new test to reveal the use of testosterone. (We are told this is a test that will detect for synthetic testosterone, formerly undetectable by testing measures)  Testing will begin the 2013 season.( "Baseball to Expand Drug-Testing Program". New York Times. Retrieved 10 January 2013.)"

From Bob Baum of Associated Press (1-10-13),
"Baseball players were subject to blood testing for HGH during spring training last year, and Thursday’s(2013) agreement between management and the MLB Players Association expands that throughout the season. Those are in addition to urine tests for other performance-enhancing drugs."

Now, our real problem is with the next line from Baum's article of 1-10-13,
"Rob Manfred, executive vice president for economics and league affairs, said each player will be tested at least once." )     Hardly 'throughout' the season!

That was our big question , which seemed well hidden , even not listed as far as we could see - WHEN and HOW OFTEN are these tests given? We've heard in the past that the players are actually given notice days ahead of the test. Even without this a player need only wait for the test and , once given, can go back on the PEDs, with the knowledge that he would be very unlikely to get another test for a long period, perhaps the rest of the season.  'At least once' likely means once, maybe twice max - and probably tests would be spread months apart. 

So, a guy like Marco Scutaro of the San Francisco Giants, who starts the season batting in the low  100's after finishing up last year in the high  300's, waits for the test, which might have been given, say,  last week.  And, lo and behold, folowing the test, suddenly the hitting is back, and Scutaro has five hits in two games and is already back up to .200 and climbing after only having  a couple hits the previous six games!   He can probably not worry about another test for another month or two at least, continuing on the stuff and supposedly 'fooling' us and helping lead the Giants to yet another tainted World Series. (Pretty interesting how a team like the Giants won two World Series in three years with, basically, two completely different teams ...but a lot of connections!)
(See more background details @