Sunday, September 15, 2013

Add Newer Giant Hunter Pence to likely PED Roster

Add Newer Giant Hunter Pence to likely PED Roster

You have to wonder about Hunter Pence's otherworldly numbers against the Dodgers this week (9-15-13)  - five homers and 12 RBIs in four games . In all the years nobody has ever hit better than that in a series against the Dodgers. And not just this week ...during the month of September Pence has been hitting close to .400 with 10 home runs , more than he's ever hit before during a stretch this long.

As a team, it's not unusual for the Giants to spike up their averages during September. If it weren't for incredible Septembers during 2010 & 2012 Giants would not have been in those World Series. No team has ever hit 19 runs in a game against the Dodgers at their home until the Giants did it Saturday night September 15.

They may not be playing for the World Series this year but perhaps their contracts for next year -especially guys like Hunter Pence. Why couldn't Hunter Pence play as well without the contract in front of him? Or even  half as improved.
This is not to say Pence has been a constant user.  Players today can go on and off PEDs on a whim since the newer 'designer' drugs, such as testosterone, can be out of one's system within hours after taking it.  These are not mere hot and cold streaks with these kind of numbers against good pitching. 

We've seen guys like Scutaro come to the Giants and increase  his average almost a  hundred points in half a season and guys like Sandoval hitting seven home runs in the month of September when he only had 10  during the whole season of 2012.

We're not saying that Hunter pence is using Peds but there's long been a drug culture on the Giants and  it's notable that so many of the journeyman players the Giants get become much improved once joining the Giants. The Giants have long gone after the Hispanic players , namely Venezuelans of which they have eight on the team currently.  During the previous Mitchell and biogenesis investigations they found that Hispanic players use far more peds then non-Hispanic players. We discussed a lot of specifics including numbers in previous posts which can be found at  This is one mans opinion based on 10 years of giants numbers Including more PED players than any other team. Two indicted players in 2010  and 2012, namely José Guillen and melky Cabrera, were the difference ,alone , in putting the Giants in World Series - not to mention at least four other likely users, in our opinion