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SFGiants Peavy Defies Nature, Gravity and Time-Velocity Keeps Going Up Like Vogelsong

Against Chicago Cubs 8-26-15, Jake Peavy raises his velocity  to 90-93 with many pitches hitting the 93 and 92 mph mark for the first time in, perhaps, years - this for a 34-year-old journeyman pitcher who had as 3-14 record and 5.00 ERA with Boston early last year


After seeing Ryan Vogelsong do it again last week , we have now seen Jake Peavy nearly match Vogelsong in pitching velocity, topping out at 93 mph against Chicago cubs 8-26-15, just one mph less than Vogelsong had done against Pittsburg a few nights before - and even rivaling Bumgarner 's 94 mpg. (see chart above). Like Vogelsong, Peavy's fastball keeps getting faster as he gets older, defying nature, gravity and time.

How do these GIANTS pitchers keep coming up with the big numbers on cue, as needed, late career against the tougher teams? Just when you're ready to count the Giants out, a player or players come up with some highly unlikely numbers like this. It happened all through August, September and the playoffs and World Series circa 2010, 2012, 2014 and, even with team injuries, we're seeing it happen again with many Giants players in 2015. Especially with hitters, when one goes out, eg Joe Panik, another comes in from out of nowhere, i.e. Kelby Tomlinson, with unlikely numbers. That's four rookies- or near rookies with average minor league careers suddenly putting up the unlikely numbers with the Giants and giving the Giants the best team batting average in the league with players most never heard of before 2015.

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Doping in Sports? #SFGiants Peavy , Petit Raise Velocity with Giants, Break Records


From F/X Velocity charts, we see Giant pitcher YUSMEIRO Petit's average mph velocity has actually INCREASED from 87 to nearly 90 at an age, over 30, when most pitcher velocities are dropping. Even before such chartings, Petit was only throwing 87 all the way back in 2007 and now he's up to 89!  'Splains a lot of sudden success - a near no hitter last year and a record breaking 46 innings of no hit ball this year - from another Giants pitcher nobody wanted before. 


     Once again, the San Francisco Giants do it with smoke and mirrors, this time with a guy who couldn't get anybody out the first three quarters of the year again throwing 2 ERA ball helping the Giants out within striking distance for the Western division crown against arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers

    Peavy has suddenly become the Giants second starter behind Bumgardner. 'Splain that one Lucy. Just a few weeks ago Peavy pitched a seven inning no hitter for the first time in his career and has been striking out hitters as much or more than anytime in his career. Peavy is now 33 and before coming to the Giants his fastball rarely topped 90. Tonight he may not have gotten the win but he threw seven innings of two run ball against a good hitting team, the Dodgers. How could this guy just come to the Jints and suddenly cut his ERA in half and be the main piece that has kept the slumping Giants in the race?  

     Same way Casia, Machi, Petit andVogelsong  have done it, helping the Giants to unlikely World Series victories, their first in 50 years  in 2010 and 2012 .  A little fairy dust suddenly raises their velocities and they go to town.

     The Giants had only one bonafide starting pitcher a month ago, having seen Cain and  Linecum fall by the wayside with  Vogelsong drop offing off , too. Only Bumgardner remains from their starting four who opened the season, yet the Jints keep bringing in guys until one sticks - and perhaps a little Jints Juice to boot.
Shades of 2010 and 2012 with Zito and Lincecum being the magic men in those years, along with the aforementioned Casia, Machi  and Vogelsong. 

        Two weeks ago, It  was like the 2012 World Series all over again and the little San Francisco Giants mowing down the ferocious Detroit Tigers Friday night with newly acquired journeyman Jake Peavy shutting out the Tigers for five innings en route to a 8-2 Giants victory. This coming only four days after Peavy - who had the worst record in baseball only a month ago - pitched a 7-inning no-hitter for the Giants after a similar 6 inning effort.


And, it's not just Peavy as virtually the entire Giants team - which had the worst record in baseball during June and July- is suddenly playing like world beaters just as it did in Septembers of 2010 and 2012 on route to World Series dominant victories over seemingly beteter teams. How could this be happening? The many sudden September 'improvements' -while other teams go  through the dog days of summer -  can't all be by coincidence for the third time in five years. 

  #SFGiants pitcher, Jake Peavy, who  Boston basically gave away last month - he had the worst record in the league, 1-13 - has suddenly won three in a row for San Franciso, including a 7 inning no hitter (his first ever) performance including season high eight strikeouts, against Milwaukee, we are told ( We stopped watching all the Giants  games, feeling better doing more with our lives, so can't confirm that, though we just did). In any case, Peavy was one guy we didn't think would dip into the juice after his anti-PED rants while at Boston, but one has to wonder what is now going on with HIS sudden success as a  Giant,  ala other late season acquisitions from recent years.  This is just the latest in a long string of Giants shenanigans - the day before it was Yusmeiro Petit setting a record - dating more than two decades of lax baseball testing and certain teams taking advantage of it to compensate for deficiencies, in our opinion.  Petit Peds, Peavy Peds, doping in sports, drug use in sports

Will #SFGiants Pull Wool Over Eyes Yet A Third (Alternate Year) Time? 

Come September every year it seems - or at least every OTHER year - the San Francisco Giants make their move on the playoffs. It happened in 2010 and 2012 and the Giants went all the way to win the World Series both those years. And, it almost happened in 2011 and 2013 but for injuries.
And, this year, a bedraggled team is still hanging in much  the way it did  before.
The #SFGiants did it in 2010 and 2012 with a largely different casts of characters - and this year, again, with nary a farm system nor money left to spend, they've added some more juice, in our opinion.  #PEDs,  Doping in Sports, Drug Use in Sports, Now Petit, Yusmeiro Petit, #Giants, #lincecum, #no hitter, #SFGiants, #Steroids

One asks how could these GYPSY teams the Giants throw together go as far as they have. Rag tag players, many past their prime, some refugees no teams wanted, coming from all over the globe to San Francisco.
A couple legitimate star players like Posey and Pence but mostly players who seem to turn it on on a whim.


This year the Giants came out of the gate on a pace to win 100 games during the first two months of the season, then BAM, they went 180 degrees the opposite way during  June and July and now, they're suddenly back in high gear. Nobody seems to understand why.  Similar things happened in those other years.

The Giants have , frankly, a General Manager with a very poor trading record, yet is who is able to pull in players 'off the wire'  for next to nothing while pulling wool over blinded Giants fans eyes. A decent free agent signing here and there but mostly these rag tag players come in and put it together, somehow.


It's certainly not NATURAL ability.   With virtually no farm system the Giants have been a seemingly dysfunctional bunch patched together, but SOMETHING clicks and they go on to beat much better teams on paper the final month and then steamroller into the World Series like nobody's business. 

Even in the Bondsian Era the Giants never won a World Series - and only got to it once, in 2002. But, now, sans super stars and only two true quality players,  the Giants  are winning games again as we roll into September - and sometimes surprising such as the 13-2 victory August 29 over first place Milwaukee and their winningest pitcher, Peralta.

From F/X Velocity charts, we see Giant pitcher YUSMEIRO Petit's average mph velocity has actually INCREASED from 87 to nearly 90 at an age, over 30, when most pitcher velocities are dropping. Even before such chartings, Petit was only throwing 87 all the way back in 2007 and now he's up to 89!  'Splains a lot of sudden success - a near no hitter last year and a record breaking 46 innings of no hit ball this year - from another Giants pitcher nobody wanted before. 

Without going into great detail, one (who takes only a cursory look) can see the pattern  of players time and again playing over their heads - not one or two but perhaps the whole team. Each year come September no-name players seem to come from Nowhere to propel the Giants. this year it may be a young second baseman named Panik. After spitting out a half dozen second baseman , Sabean finally comes up with one from his weak farm who starts hitting better than he did in the minors, in Pannik, now the team's only 300 hitter. The relief core of largely overweight Venezuelans continues to thrive as one no- name, Petit (like Andy)  - who has replaced former star Lincecum at 1/20 the salary - is breaking records with 46 straight innings of no hit ball! (Magically, too, his pitching velocity is higher now than it was five years ago).  Another Venezuelan hitter, Blanco, comes on to suddenly hit three homeruns in a week after only hitting one the entire year! Yet another Venezuelan, Sandoval, who couldn't hit a lick earlier, is suddenly flirting with .300 as is Morse, a former PED-indicted player.  We only mention the latter because it ties into the pattern we're seeing.

Going back to the world series years, the Giants had at least one key CONVICTED PED (performance enhancing drugged) player on the team. In 2010 it was Jose Guillen, only on the team less than a month before his second PED indictment, but long enough to 'drive the bus'forward where suddenly we saw other players, like a contagious desease, start hitting. One of those was newly acquired Cody Ross, off the waiver wire, who would hit 8 homeruns in final month of the season!  In 2012 it was Melky Cabrera who propelled the team with a PED-aided .350 average before HE was caught with the drug (one of only five players, including Mota, in all the major leagues who were caught that year). Two happened to be on the Giants. But, Cabrera's winning hits were  enough to give the Giants the cushion they needed. As Cabrera left, in came 36 year old Marco Scutaro from Colorado, who would suddenly raise his .260 average to around .350 the remainder of the season, more than enough to secure a playoff berth for the Giants. Just like that, as Giants announcer Miller is fond of saying. Just like magic, we say.  And, things only got better for the Giants as the team continued to ALL play way over their heads throughout three rounds of playoffs as they won another world series. Along the way, we witnessed Sandoval hit three homeruns in one game against Detroit and 6 in two weeks - as many homers as he had hit prior to that the entire season! And don't forget guys like Aubrey Huff ( and his victory thong) and Nightlife Pat Burrell who the Giants acquired for a song at advanced ages, who would go on to have near career years in 2010 only to drop off the radar after the Giants World Series victory

Meanwhile the drug crisis in baseball continued but  only spoken in hushed tones, especially in liberal San Francisco where anything goes - and Bonds remains a hero despite a perjury conviction for lying to the Grand Jury about his steroid use; Bonds was even brought back this year by the Giants to instruct players during spring training.  Who knows what he told them to do.  The Giants are not the only team to have used and still use PEDs but they are, by far, the steroid 'kings,' with over 23 indicted players since Bonds played. Who knows  how many others are currently users as MLB testing has yet to come up to speed; not a single player has yet been caught this year and last year ;  if it weren't for the Biogenesis leak that spilled the beans we wouldn't have known of 20 users, so we know players are using PEDs, just nobody is being  caught through normal MLB testing.

We've written about this time and again, the PED-infected clubhouse in San Francisco,  but San Frnacisco is not New York or Boston, and players here seem to be protected as Bonds was for years until a couple brave reporters spilled the beans (that eventually got them removed from their newsper, the San Francisco Chronicle.)


So, that's the state of baseball or so it seems, in our humble opinion - and a lot of  batting and Pitch F/X stats  Giants management seems willing to do anything - nearly half of its player acquisitions the past few years have either had known PED skirmishes or appeared to be involved, by sheer outrageous 'Brady Anderson-like' numbers. The beat goes on, nearly 20 years after Bonds really got it all going big time , while ruining the game of baseball , in our opinion - at least for us old-school  baseball purists. 

Now, the Giant pitcher that Boston basically gave away - he had the worst record in the league, 1-13 - has suddenly won three in a row for San Franciso, including a 7 strikeout-in-a-row performance against Milwaukee, we are told ( We stopped watching all the Giants  games, feeling better to more with our lives, so can't confirm that. In any case, Peavy was one guy we didn't think would dip into the juice after his anti-PED rants while at Boston, but one has to wonder what is now going on with HIS sudden success at the Giants, ala all the other late season acquisitions from recent years.


The #SFGiants are fortunate to be working out of their little protected hideaway on the liberal left coast, where sportswriters are simply followers much like Obama's media hacks. Nothing like New York or Boston where a player like Rodriquez or even the popular Big Papi come under scrutiny - or even midwest St. Louis and Detroit  where Jhonny Peralta has been a regular target of the media, later picked up by the national press. But in San Francisco it's all peace and sunshine where the Jints have been pulling the wool over the eyes, in our opinion - and getting away with it, in our opinion - now for two decades! First it was Bonds' 14 years (1993-2007) and 23 other indicted players during the era, not to mention many un-indicted users. In more recent times, they brought in previously indicted  Jose Guillen and G Moto where they would achieve second steroid convictions - even in a sport where PED testeing is inadequate, in our opinion, and indictments have been rare ( only 5 in 2012 and none last year, to our knowledge).   They were about to bring back Cabrera to finish off the 2012 world series except for outside pressure and a distasteful website excuse by Cabrera. Instead , they brought in a fellow Venezuelan, Marco Scutaro, who , at 36 somehow (wink, wink)    raised his average nearly 100 points and cut his strikeouts nearly in half! This year, despite team owner Larry Baer's pronouncement that the team would 'try' to stay away from previously convicted players, they brought in Michael Morse (who, interestingly, hit 15 homeruns the first half of this year  but only 3 the second half). 

What will the Giants be up to next, with whom? Will it be 'hello World Series #3' in five years or will people wise up - and care to say something, stop them? 




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Will #SFGiants Pull Wool Over Eyes Yet A Third (Alternate Year) Time?