Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gaudin PItches , Wins for Giants As If Nothing Happened

Chad goudin
July 13. 2013  

Not too surprised the Giants went ahead and let Chad Gaudin pitch last night against the Padres, a day after he was brought up on charges of lewdness for fondling a woman on a gurney in a hospital. Afterall, a 'nobody' until this year, he's suddenly the Giants' second best starter right now with a career best 2.41 ERA and 1.14 whip since coming to the Giants this year. Last year he was 4.54 ERA with the Marlins. Here's a guy who's been on nine teams in nine years with a lifetime 4.45 ERA, whose never had an ERA below 3.00 and suddenly a star for the Giants now in his thirties - but not an unusual pattern for the Giants. Players just don't suddenly improve their performance numbers like that except on the Giants it seems. We've cited similar performances from other Giants newcomers like Blanco, Scutaro, Mijares, Pagan, Vogelsong, etc. Not surprised Gaudin and the Giants won a rare game last night, although playing the Padres  didn't hurt. Below chart was through June.

Re. the  Gaudin hosptial incident, which happened in January, for which there was enough evidence to report it to the media now,  there was little mention of it during the game.  Giants announcer Dave Flemming just touched on 'Gaudin's touch week' right away and how he was handling things in a calm manner.  San Diego announcer didn't even bring the subject up until the middle of the game and acted almost apologetic for saying almost nothing including ' I'm not going to talk about it anymore.' Well, he hardly did, but it was news for which one shouldn't be afraid to bring it up.  The fans - almost half Giants fans in San Diego Petco Park - didn't show any  reaction to Gaudin from what we could discern from watching the game on TV. Just business as usual  - and that's the problem with the PED thing; most people seem to ignore it as if they don't care. 

Chad goudin ERA , WHP drop