Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Marco Scutaro Missing More Than His Swing

Marco Scutaro Missing More Than His Swing


Marco Scutaro, now batting below the Mendoza line,  says that he can't find his swing.

Maybe Marco better go find  not only his swing but more importantly the little bottle with the good stuff Melky gave him that raised his average last year , suddenly, over 100 points and cut strikeouts in half ; he , in turn, gave to Pablo and who knows how many others. Oh, I guess it's testing time in the majors so Scutaro  may be waiting that out. Then, you'll suddenly see marco go from Mendoza to Melky or better, again... Just wait and see - like last year - at age 37!. 'Miracles' do happen in what they call  Baseball  2013.    Yet, Pablo is brave right now, hasn't lost a beat -er, syringe, from last fall. More @

Meanwhile, looks like Crawford has really gone over to the other side. Not only has he been continuing his almost otherworldly hitting, as compared to the 'Mendoza' shortstop from early last season - and he's hitting long homeruns   in ATT - but , worst of all, he's doing the finger salute now, like Panda, above (where they raise their fingers to the Lord after accomplishing one of their otherworldly feats...a . It seems like especially common practice among the (PED) users...

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